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what your man wants

It’s not hard to spot the woman with a great sex life.

She always seems to be smiling, like she’s got a secret nobody else knows.

When she’s with her man, he can’t keep his eyes (or his hands!) off her. She doesn’t brag about it, but when she does kiss and tell… Well, it’s easy to feel just a little bit jealous!

Because when it comes to sex, you and your man don’t seem to click like that. Sure, it’s nice when it happens (IF it happens), but shouldn’t sex be better than just “nice?”

If you’re like most women, you worry about whether your man is truly satisfied. He tells you it’s “fine,” but you wonder if he wants more.

And then you wonder if he is so unsatisfied that he’s going to look somewhere else for fulfillment…

Or if he complains to his friends behind your back…

Or if things are going to go from bad to worse if you don’t do something
To change his mind, and fast…

Well… What would you say if I told you that you could have heart-pounding, earth-shattering, mind-blowing sex with your man starting TONIGHT?!

I hear ya… It’s a pretty big claim!

But what if I told you that THOUSANDS of women just like you have started at “yeah right” and ended up at “holy S**T!” within HOURS of receiving my program?

Heck, don’t take my word for it!



It’s not hard to please a man. All you have to do is figure out what he really wants.

But wait… How are you going to find a man who is willing to spill the beans about all the wild fantasies, embarrassing quirks, and secret weaknesses men have?

Your man sure isn’t going to share all that stuff!

What about your girlfriends? I’m sure they’re chock-full of helpful sex advice… right?

Hm… Maybe they have plenty of advice but it’s not very helpful because they’re not men.

They’re really just in the same boat you are!

And don’t get me started on those glossy women’s magazines! No man has EVER come to me and said “Hey Evan, my girlfriend learned some amazing new techniques from Cosmo!” Nope.

More like “Cosmo told my girlfriend that I’d like it if she bit down during oral sex… And it was awful!” (That’s REAL advice from Cosmo – I’m not making that up!)

Alright so there’s nowhere to turn for honest-to-goodness, straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth advice on how to pleasure your man… Is there?

And after you read this entire letter, you’ll know exactly how to get it. (Hint: You won’t have to look very far – keep reading!)


Hi! My name is Evan.

I’m just a regular guy. And I’ve had my share of failed relationships. They were all nice women, but I never really felt fulfilled…

Until I realized that maybe the reason for our lack of chemistry was that these women had no idea what I really wanted.

So with the next girl, I was totally honest. Maybe a little TOO honest.

I told her EVERYTHING… And lo and behold, our sex life went from plain vanilla all the way to banana split with nuts and sprinkles… practically overnight!

A few years later she became my wife…

So I guess you could say things worked out pretty well for us!

It wasn’t incompatibility that kept my other relationships from working… It was just a lack of good communication, and a lack of knowledge about what men really want.

This was a revelation! Soon after, I started putting together information programs in the hopes that maybe I could help a few other couples attain the same sexual satisfaction my wife and I had (and still have!) and take their relationships to the next level.

I put those programs online and in bookstores, and told a few people about them…

Within a month, I had more than a hundred satisfied customers.

Within a year, I had THOUSANDS.


From Girl to Goddess is actually an ENTIRE LIBRARY of products, all rolled into one. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, and I’ve built up a library of products covering everything from flirting and seduction to dirty talk and specific sex techniques.

In the past, each of these products has been sold individually, with thousands of satisfied customers.

I’m definitely happy about that, but I’ve decided it isn’t enough.

See, pleasing a man isn’t just about flirting. It isn’t just about talking dirty or giving an amazing blowjob.

You can’t just do one thing and expect your relationship to magically change.

It’s really about putting everything together into one incredible package… YOU!.

So that’s what I decided to do with my products.


You can get access to content from every single one of my other programs, plus tons of BRAND NEW additional content, all for one very reasonable price.

It’s an awesome deal, and I’m really excited to tell you about it.


When you master this section, your man will be on his knees BEGGING for more. When it comes to sex, every man secretly wants a real firecracker. I cover all the juicy details and explain exactly how to make it happen. Things like:

  • How to be spontaneous and give him sexy memories that will turn him on the rest of his life
  • Why being satisfied is a huge turn-on… Not just sexually but emotionally, too!
  • Find out which positions men love and how to make them even better
  • Discover how to make him believe you’re the sexiest woman he’s ever been with… Just by being yourself!
  • Find out how to show enthusiasm the right ways and make him feel like king of the world
  • Learn the most common mistakes women make in the bedroom and how to avoid them…
  • Plus much, much more…

Increasing your confidence is the absolute 100% most effective way to increase your sexiness. Whether you’re role-playing a character, giving an earth-shattering blowjob, or just tossing out a casual wink that sets his knees-a-wobblin’, confidence is the key to being irresistible.

  • Learn how to stop feeling anxious and shy all the time
  • Discover the qualities men admire in a woman, and how to get those qualities
  • Find out posture / exercise / diet tips that will help you feel better about yourself than you ever have before
  • Get over being embarrassed around men and learn to love being the center of his attention
  • Stop thinking so much and start enjoying yourself!
  • Many more great tips inside…

If you know how, seducing a man is easy peasy. And after you’ve learned everything in this section, he’ll be like putty in your hands. But with great power comes great responsibility – Please use your new-found powers for good and not evil!

  • Learn how to read his mind by reading his body language
  • Understand exactly how he wants to be treated so you can fulfill his deepest fantasies
  • Find out how to take charge and get what you want while giving him what he wants
  • Learn how to give him compliments that will turn him on instantly
  • Discover the secrets of playing hard to get and make his imagination go wild
  • And tons more inside…

Every guy loves dirty talk. Doesn’t matter if he’s a movie star or the son of a preacher-man. When he hears what you want to do to him (or what you want him to do to you!) he’ll go weak in the knees. Learn exactly what works inside:

  • Send him texts that will make it hard for him to concentrate at work
  • Get him rock hard with a simple phrase you can whisper in his ear at any time
  • Give him satisfying phone sex when he’s away (and keep him thinking about you while he’s gone!)
  • Make your sex life exiting again, even if things have gotten slow lately
  • Blow his mind with hundreds of proven-to-work dirty talk examples
  • Get his motor running with 3 different variations of dirty talk… innocent, naughty, or nasty!
  • Plus way more inside…

There is nothing men crave more than a sensual blow job… It’s easy to give a bad blow job, but you really have to know your stuff in order to take oral sex to the next level. You’ll have complete control over him while he loses control of himself! Inside:

  • Step-by-step details on how to give mind-blowing oral sex
  • Detailed instructions that explain exactly what to do with your hands during a blow job
  • Discover how to keep things interesting and exciting every time…
  • Find out how to make him finish fast so you can rock his world even if you only have a minute or two…
  • Learn about the big mistakes most women make when giving a blow job and how to avoid them…
  • Get inside info on how much suction you should use, how to use your lips and tongue
  • Plus more step-by-step instructions inside…

An intimate lap dance gives you the ability to tease your man and get him all riled up before sex. It also gives you a chance to show off “the goods” and give him a chance to really appreciate you and your body… Without him touching you or trying to go “straight for the end-zone.” Seeing a woman give a good strip tease is a fantasy for a lot of men, so if you learn how to do it right you’ll have him eating out of your hand. Inside I’ll explain:

  • How to prepare for your very first lap dance (and enjoy it, even if you’re nervous!)
  • Why guys secretly love the tease and how it can enhance your love life
  • Instructions for how to strip like a pro and how to personalize your dance
  • How to set the mood and create a sensual atmosphere
  • The best way to drive him crazy by looking (and feeling) sexy
  • How to avoid ruining the mood with common mistakes
  • 5 sizzling ideas to take your lap-dance to the next level
  • And lots more inside…

Hand jobs are often overlooked, but they are an essential part of the goddess toolkit. With the right techniques, you can leave him speechless. Not only will learning how to give a great handjob give you a better understanding of your man’s anatomy, it will also come in “handy” when you incorporate it into your usual repertoire. In this section you’ll learn:

  • How to determine the perfect speed to make him finish quick or last forever – your choice!
  • The different hand positions available and the most desirable grip
  • How to use the rest of your body to leave him writhing with pleasure
  • The number one best blow-your-mind “finishing move”
  • Plus a thorough tutorial inside…

If you can role-play with your man, you know you’ve got a relationship built on communication and trust. It’s a paradox, but pretending to be someone else can really let you be yourself! Inside I’ll cover:

  • A huge list of role-playing scenarios for beginners and more experienced couples
  • Learn how to discover your partner’s deepest fantasies
  • The best ways to get comfortable and “in character”
  • The most important rule of role playing that you must never break
  • The most common mistakes couples make when trying to role-play together
  • And learn much more inside…

No matter what you look like or what you’re looking for in a partner, find out how to become more attractive to any man, any time… Without changing who you are! Learn how inside:

  • Figure out how to tell if he’s actually interested in you
  • Learn how to get a man’s attention whenever you want
  • How to give the right signals to let a man know you want him
  • Discover the best places to meet the guys you’re interested in
  • Find out the top 10 personality traits men are attracted to
  • Plus much more detailed advice inside…

Flirting is a great skill to have, whether you’re trying to get better service at the bar or you’re trying to short-circuit a man’s brain and get him drooling over you. The most successful long-term couples never lose that ability to flirt. Learn:

  • The types of body language and eye contact guys love
  • When (and how) to touch a guy to show him you’re interested
  • How to break the ice
  • Conversation topics that will pique his interest
  • Proven tips to keep his attention and make him laugh
  • Uncover many more irresistible tips inside…


Before I tell you how much it costs, let me explain how my programs fit together. Each of my other programs costs $30 on average. So you would pay $30 to learn how to give a perfect blow job and another $30 to learn how to flirt. If you bought all of my programs separately you’d end up spending over $500.00!

Plenty of people buy these programs at $30 a pop, but I wanted to find a way to put it all together and keep it affordable. So From Girl to Goddess doesn’t cost $500.00.

It doesn’t even cost $200.00.

When you buy From Girl to Goddess today, you’ll pay only $47!

(I’m not sure if I can keep the price that low forever, so if you want to take advantage of this limited-time offer you’ll have to act fast!)

When you purchase this program, you’ll become one of the few women in the WORLD who knows the secrets to pleasing men.

If you want your man to feel loved… If you want to surprise him with new-found skill and confidence… If you want to have that secret smile when you’re with your friends because you’ve got a power they can only dream of… You’ll buy From Girl to Goddess today. Your man will look at you wide-eyed with wonder when he finds out what you can do!


I’ve got good news for you! When you buy From Girl to Goddess, your purchase is 100% completely risk-free, because your satisfaction (and his!) is 100% completely and absolutely guaranteed.

Thousands of women have told me how this program has changed their life, so I’m extremely confident that you’ll like it too.


It’s that simple.

If you (and your man!) aren’t completely satisfied, just send me an email at [email protected] within 60 days of purchase and I’ll refund every single penny.



When you order From Girl to Goddess right now for only $47, you’ll get a personalized username and password so you can instantly access dozens of foolproof techniques for driving your man wild! Whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, an iPhone, or an Android device, you will instantly have 100% access to the entire From Girl to Goddess library.

Acceess From Girl To Goddess Premium Content ANYWHEREWhether you need some in-depth tips before a date or you want to have a quick study session 5 minutes before you hook up, you will always be able to access whatever information you need, whenever you need it!

(Also: If someone else has access to your credit card statements this purchase will show up as CLKBANK*COM so he won’t find out your new tricks until you surprise him in bed!)



Consider this: If you buy today, you won’t just get access to the From Girl to Goddess program. In addition, you’ll receive these valuable bonuses that would cost over $900.00 if you purchased them separately!

  • Full access to, where you’ll learn how to drive him wild just by whispering in his ear or sending him dirty texts while he’s at work! (Comes with additional bonus content – Over $500 value, yours free!)
  • Exclusive access to video content not available anywhere else online! (Over $80 value, yours free!)
  • Lifetime content updates, available to you without paying extra (Unlimited value, yours free!)
  • And the biggest bonus of all… A 100% free one-year premium support membership. If you have questions about any of the topics listed above, you can email me and I’ll get back to you right away with answers. (Over $650 value, yours free!)


Thanks for buying! I know you’ll love this program.

P.S. – Remember this is a limited time offer! If you want to receive access to the entire From Girl to Goddess library for only $47 (over $1700 in value!), you need to order RIGHT NOW… It won’t last long at this price!